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  • Our children deserve to be provided with an excellent academic education. Our district should be ranked number 1 in the state (not 55th! *).                                                     

  • Our community needs a school board that is transparent on policies and procedures, accountable and fiscally responsible with your tax dollars, and communicates openly and proactively.                                                                                 

  • Parents deserve a board that engages them as the leaders in their child's development, and as partners in our classrooms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Teachers need a school board who will listen and respond to their input and who will prioritize student and classroom needs.                                                                                            

    Together we can breathe new life into our school district.           

Making better schools for our children, teachers, and families matters.

*click to see how CVSD ranks against all other Washington school districts

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