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Fiscal Responsibility

The management of school district budgets is a critical aspect of ensuring the success of educational programs. Ensuring that our budgets are transparent, responsible, and reflective of the needs of our students and community is of utmost importance. 

  • We need to prioritize our spending to save money without sacrificing educational quality. We need to involve teachers and administrators in the decision-making process to identify the most important areas of spending. 
  • Monitoring  district spending with the help of an established budget committee composed of administrators, teachers, parents and other community members will give our district another layer of checks and balances that will protect our tax dollars. This committee should be responsible for reviewing the district's budget and making recommendations for spending priorities throughout the year. 
  • The School District website should clearly disclose all district spending with easy to access links including:
  1.   Annual Budget 
  2.   Monthly Financial Statements
  3.   Monthly Budget Amendments
  4.   Purchase Orders
  5.   BIDs / Quotes/ Contracts 
  6.   Property Tax Information
  7.   Financial Audits
  8.   Internal Accounts Audits

    As a School Board member, I will work to make these documents and reports available to the public, ensuring that our budget is transparent, responsible, and reflective of the needs of our students and community. 

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