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We are thrilled to endorse  Anniece for the CVSD school board after years of observing their leadership & passion for education & families. Her skills, experience, commitment, & care for the students & families in our community are exactly what we need. Focusing on a strong core academic foundation that doesn’t constantly shift with outside trends, bringing families back as a vital part of our children’s educational team, increased financial responsibility & planning, & empowering our community to take an active role for the best needs locally will make a significant difference that we are in great need of.

— Mick and Kass Tomany

We love their vision to turn around district academic performance, encourage better fiscal responsibility, provide transparency in all issues within the district, and their desire to stay up to date with all the changes going on in Olympia. We endorse Stephanie and Anniece. 

— Austin and Alicia McMillan
Our family knows Anniece and is excited for a change!  We know she is someone who cares deeply about what happens in our schools and will sacrifice her time and effort to help.  She puts her whole heart into what matters to her and knows how to work hard to make it happen. 
Anniece will listen to the concerns of others even if they have a different opinions about how things should be done. She is tactful and respectful and passionate about the parents and children of our school district being heard.  Anniece is the ultimate advocate and is invested because she has children in the district. That is exactly what is needed right now. I can’t imagine anyone better qualified to help our kid’s school experience to be everything we hope for it to be!
— David and Natalie McGarry

"Thank you for running for this unpaid elected position: Central Valley School District, Director Dist. No. 4. Most of all, thank you for your desire to protect kids from negative influences in our secular culture, and reinforce the values which will help them mature into responsible adults and citizens." 

— Family Policy Institute of Washington Action


 My family and I have been friends with Anniece and her family for 8 years when her son and mine were in Kindergarten together! Since then I have switched to Homeschooling as I do not feel the public schools have my kids best interest at heart. I am excited for Anniece, Stephanie and Jeff to have a chance to improve the Central Valleys school board dynamics!

— Matt and Beth Tyson

Annice has a passion for excellence for our kids in the Central Valley district and financial accountability of our money being spent.

— Jeff Baxter

I am so excited you are running! Our schools need strong leadership and clear vision-and you have both. I was incredibly impressed with your depth of knowledge and passion during the campaign for parental rights. Your community organization skills and ability to bring people together in a powerful way was so inspiring. I can’t wait to see what you do on the board!

— Informed Parents of Washington


Anniece Barker is the Recommended Candidate by the Spokane County Republican Party for Central Valley School Board Director Position #4.

— Spokane County GOP

Parent of a CVSD student(s)

Cameron and Leslie Harvey
Ryan and Jessica Robinson
Wayne and Jennifer Lamoreaux
Michael and Janelle Dobson
Bryce and Jennalee Fortner
Blair and Becca Roland
Judd and Candace Shelton
Kevin and Julie Thompson
Dave and Cassandra Westlake
Taylor and Jamie Varley
Clinton and Katie Smith
Weston and Karen Teusher
Steve and Amy Raab
Logan and Julia Ditto
Pete and Kerrie Luthi
Justin and Jennifer Jones
John and Jenny Johnson
Marshall and Nancy Morrison
Kreg and Kiersten Shelby
David and Chantal Platt
Brian and Annelisa Riddle
Krystn Ax
Julie Nielsen
Ryan and Nichole Blake
Brian and Natasha Woodward
Dan and Brooke Springer
David and Jennett Simpson
Don and Heidi Stafford
Ben and Meredith Hawkins
Mack and Suzanne Harms
Jordan and Tara Diamond
Russ and Leah Fotheringham
Kerry Jensen
Rachel Matthes

Community Members

Gavin McAllister
Andrew and Ashley Tolman
Casey and Jenifer Robison
Tim and Brenna Anderson
Ryan and Aubrey Burklund
Teri Machtmes
Scott and Sheree Webb
David and Sonya Coats
Steve and Jennifer Sommer
Paul and Breanna Crapo
Adam and Tracy Olsen
Ben and LindaLee Dalton
Keith and MarLa Kepler
James and Holly Mulloy
Judi Williams


Mindi Wirth
Chair of Parents for Safe Schools


Committee to elect Anniece Barker 4 School Board
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